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Electrolysis has been around for over one hundred years and is the only method of permanent hair removal which is also 100% FDA approved.


Electrolysis treats all hair colours and skin types on any part of the body.


Contact Sapphire today to book your FREE no obligation consultation!


How It Works

An electric current is applied using a fine filament that is inserted into each hair follicle which then destroys the hair growth cell.   These hairs become weaker and finer with every treatment preventing treated hairs from growing back.


Sapphire Electrolysis & Wellness use hospital grade sterilization, single-use filaments and offers a free consultation to assess the area to be treated.


At your assessment we will address any questions or concerns, you may have.


Start your journey towards becoming hair-free today. Book a treatment today, or contact me for a free no-obligation consultation to discuss the best treatment plan for you.

20 Minute Appointment                       

30 Minute Appointment                       

45 Minute Appointment                       

60 Minute Appointment                       





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