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About Sapphire


Raindrop Wellness

60-minute session 90.00


Pure essential oils are used during a session, which can stimulate every organ, muscle and bone allowing the body to heal.


These oils are applied to the bottoms of the feet along the spinal reflective points using the ancient techniques of Vita Flex.  The oils are then dropped onto the back along the spine using a feathering technique and then dispersed along the nervous system throughout the entire body. 


After applying the oils a warm compress is applied to assist the client to reflect, release and accept all forms of healing.


All true healing comes from within.

Raindrop can provide nurturing balance and harmony - physically, mentally and emotionally.

What is Vita Flex?

Vita Flex is an old Tibetan technique meaning "Vitality through the reflexes".


A rolling motion of the finger pads, tips and nails along the reflex points will create an electric charge that transfers to the nerve pathways, which is theraputic to the body.  Essential oils are also electrical in nature.  Therefore, using the oils with Vita Flex enhances the process that much more and drives the oils into the corresponding reflex points.

Essential Oils Benefits


  • Valor: improves spinal alignment, helps promote feelings of courage, confidence and self-esteemcleanses the energy field and aligns and balances


  • Oregano: antibacterial and immune stimulant, a natural antibiotic and strengthens energy centers


  •  Thyme: antibacterial and improves circulation, antioxidant, balances hormones and strengthens emotional centers 


  • Cypress: antibacterial, antiseptic, eliminates respiratory conditions, increases circulation, strengthen emotional centers


  • Basil: antibacterial, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, eases discomfort from migraines, increases clarity of thought


  • Wintergreen: anti-inflammatory/anti-spasmodic, analgesic (pain reliever), stimulates awareness



  • Marjoram: relaxes musculature, antibacterial, promotes peace and sleep

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